Instructions for Session Chairs

The primary responsibility for a session chair at BIHTEL 2016 is to manage the session in terms of time and professionalism. 
Session Chairs are asked to kindly review the conference program before their session. 

All rooms will be equipped with a video projector and a screen. 

Authors will be asked to meet their Session Chair at the session room a few minutes before the beginning of their session to check equipment compatibility. Authors may use their own laptop or the one provided by the organizers. 

If something is not working properly, please ask for help from BIHTEL 2016 staff. 

The length of each oral presentation is restricted to 15 minutes, including questions. 

The authors should be strongly advised to keep their oral presentation within 10 minutes, and to leave 5 minutes for discussion with the audience and change of speaker. 

To ensure that the conference program remains on schedule, Session Chairs are asked to kindly enforce the time limits on each presentation.
Prior to your session

Meet with the support staff from the Local Arrangements Committee prior to your session to review the workings of the lights, the AV equipment and good position of your speakers in your session’s room. 

Inform your speakers about the exact time that each other of their talks are to begin.
When your Session Begins

Using the microphone, formally announce the beginning of the session. Introduce yourself as a Session Chair and give your affiliation. 

Ask attendees to complete a Technical Presentation Evaluation form for each talk during the session. 

For each talk introduce the speaker: give their affiliation and the title of their presentation. 

If the audience has no questions, it is a courtesy to the speaker to prepare a question of your own. If the audience has lots of questions, it is courteous to postpone your questions to give others a chance.
At the End of your Session

When the last speaker’s presentation and Q&A have concluded, thank the audience for attending and state that your session is now completed. Remind attendees to fill the evaluation forms and leave it to Registration desk.
Being a session chair is a straightforward but very important responsibility, and we thank you greatly for your service!
BIHTEL 2016 Conference Team