Instructions for Presenters

The presenters are invited to meet the Session Chair at the session room a few minutes before the beginning of their session to check the equipment compatibility.
Each paper is allocated a 15-minute presentation time slot. This includes:

  • 10-12 minutes oral presentation
  • 3-5 minutes Q&A

(Please limit your presentations to 10 minutes, to allow sufficient time for Q&A and speaker transition.)
Session room is equipped with a video projector and a screen. Authors do not have to bring their own laptop, but may do so or use the laptop provided by the organizers.
If something is not working properly, please ask for help to your Session Chair or one of the conference/sessions helpers who will be in the room to assist with the file uploading.
During the Conference, participants will have free Internet access at the conference venue, all information you may receive at our Registration desk.
BIHTEL 2016 Conference Team