The foundation for BIHTEL was a 1992 Workshop organized in March, by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, under working title “Directions in Telecommunications Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. With fewer than 100 participants and about thirty technical papers, the workshop was a successful experience for this field of industry that was about to explode. Since, in April 1992, a four year long war destruction have started in Bosnia and Herzegovina, implementation of conference summaries and conclusions was left for more peaceful times.

After the war ended, employees of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo and postal services public company JP PTT B&H, have decided to organize Second International Conference on Telecommunications BIHTEL 1998. Main goal was to offer a proposed solution to the challenges imposed by: “Reconstruction and Development of Telecommunications in B&H”, through analysis of scientific and technical public.

Third gathering of scientific, technical and professional community BIHTEL 2000, was organized in October, 2000 with “Telecommunication Networks” as preferential theme. Fourth BIHTEL 2002, organized in October, 2002 has took on international character, and preferential theme was: “Telecommunications services and technologies”, with 50 papers presented.
Rapid development of Telecommunications worldwide has put focus on BIHTEL 2004, organized in November 2004 with “Telecommunications Networks Convergence and Integration”, with 40 papers presented. Preferential theme for 6th gathering of scientific and technical professionals, BIHTEL 2006, held in November 2006, was: “Important aspects of fixed and mobile services convergence and their impact on Telecommunications”, with 44 papers presented. BIHTEL 2008 was organized in November 2008, with “Introduction and exploitation of new Communications technologies, Applications and Services” as preferential theme. BIHTEL 2010, organized in November 2010 had “System aspects of QoS control in Multi System Environments”, as preferential theme.

Listed scientific meetings were organized with professional and financial help of Central European regional ICT companies and IEEE B&H, IEEE Communications Society Chapter B&H. Organizers always managed to provide at least double international reviews for each of submitted scientific papers. That encouraged us to organize “The 8th IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology”,  ISSPIT 2008, as a premiere technical forum for researchers in the fields of signal processing and information technology, International Symposium ICAT 2009 (“22rd International Symposium on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies, ICAT-2009”,), to host and organize “18th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing”, IWSSIP 2011, as well as “23rd International Symposium on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies”, ICAT-2011. Each of these events was organized with the support of IEEE Region 8, IEEE Bosnia and Herzegovina and IEEE Communication Chapter B&H. Required professional standards foreseen for this kind of scientific gatherings are accomplished (reviewing process, papers accepted/rejected ratio etc).

In the year 2012, Faculty of Electrical Engineering hosted and organized BIHTEL 2012 and co-organized AMC 2012, “The 12th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control”, March 25-27, 2012 – together with Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.

After perceiving the needs to raise these kind of scientific gatherings to a higher level in organizational and technical sense, Faculty of Electrical Engineering has decided to bring professional standards and frameworks of BIHTEL 2012 and BIHTEL 2014 closer to the ones organized with IEEE support.